Thursday, January 29, 2009

Background Images and Textures

The background images chosen for ebay and amazon and white backgrounds with images placed on top of them.  Each website is designed this way to make shopping easier and to see what you are buying, not the pretty background.  Amazon has a blue header with text on the side.  The site is very background friendly because it does not take away from what you are looking at.  Ebay is also very friendly, they use yellow headers to grab your attention but they do not use too much zing to distract the viewer.  For my webpage i made a grey background, hopefully it will not distract the viewers from what they see.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


For the website I chose Amazon, a lot of their heading fonts are made in either Fireworks or Adobe Photoshop because you can not highlight the text.  Amazon also left the text very basic and stuck with an Arial font.  I do not know much about fonts but I believe this is what Amazon chose as their fonts.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Comparing Ebay and Amazon


Comparing bother Amazon and Ebay will not be a fair comparison because as I said I am not a ebay user, but I will have to go with Amazon because I am an avid user and love to buy movies off of the site.  I know their will be some disgruntle ebay users out in the world but I do not really care because it is all personal preference. 


Ebay is a mystery to me.  I have never partake in using the site so I can really not right an accurate review of the site another then I do not like the idea of bidding on items.  I am aware that people love the site because they have everything but I would rather just click a button and know I am getting the product rather then having the wait to get it.

Amazon is great for shopping

Amazon is a great site for shopping.  Anyone can type in what they are looking for and Amazon will display the many results.  If the customer does not want to pay for a brand new product they can look and see if someone is selling the product used.  If they decided to buy the product used they can see the ratings of how good and trustworthy the seller is.  These are some of the reasons of why I like to use Amazon.