Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A new Post about nothing like Sienfeld.

Here is my post, another post. I am running out of topics to write about for class so todays blog I am just going to wing it. Yesterday I watched a pretty good movie in my Arabic Through Culture class called the Le Grand Voyage. A movie about a man and his son traveling to Mecca so his father can complete his pilgrimage to the holy land. The movie came out in 2004 and really shows the differences in generations with religion and mentality. Yesterday I also saw a crazy accident going home on route 8 North. The car was demolished and I found out today that the man passed away. From looking at the accident I am not surprised that the man passed away because of how destroyed the car was. I have also been working hard in school because in 5 weeks I will graduate. It is annoying though because I have to wait on the University to put my minor in the computer so I keep reading errors that I am not graduating but I met with my advisor and everything is A ok. Well I have really nothing else to write about except I am hungry and I can not wait for this semester to be over because I am excited to start my internship in May. Well Odious.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Here is a new blog back from spring break!

Here is my new blog for the week. I have been sick all spring break so it was not enjoyable. I slept most of the time and when I was awake I was sitting on the toilet in agony. Today I am feeling a little better, I am starting to get my appetite back and a little more energy. Other than that I missed my morning class because the medication they gave me made me extremely tired but I made it to my second class. I really have nothing more to write about because I am sick but I did notice that the beginning intro to the show the "View" has a pretty cool type sequence, usually I do not watch that show but it happened to be on. Also Universal Health Care passed in the United States. I am not sure how this is going to affect the United States in the long run but we will have to wait and see. Well I have nothing more to write about and I am getting light headed. Maybe next week my blogs will make a little more sense then they do now!?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New blog before spring break.

Today is March 9th and we just learned about spry's in Dream Weaver. I find spry's to be a lot more complicated to use rather than going into fireworks and creating a drop down menu there. The only bad part about creating it there is all of the sub images fireworks can make if you keep exporting the image into Dream Weaver to just get it right and if you do not bring the quality down. Spry's are interesting but the css that is created from creating a drop down menu is ridiculous. You have to go through each one just to find background color, padding, positioning, etc. I can understand how affective using a spry is but I am a little stubborn and like using Fireworks for rollovers and drop down menus. Other than that I am working on my shopping page for class, I am having a good time making a website that is for shopping for video games. The fake website is called "Games," as the web-site's name applies it is a website about video games. I am using Fireworks for the rollovers but I am not going overboard creating the whole web-site's context in there. I created rollovers in there and then I would add tables to add information. Well I have nothing else really to right about except I can not wait for spring break. I do not think I am going anywhere but I am going to enjoy myself and drink Miller Highlife! As Tony Soprano says "GABA-GOO!"

Monday, March 1, 2010

new Post for March 1st.

Today is March 1st, before I know it I will already have graduated. This week I got the new Juxtapoz magazine and there are some articles on artists. One is about the Gentle Giant studios, they are a studio agency that does special effect work on movies like Star Wars. They make digital and tangible props for movies that are really impressive. Here is a link to their website -
Other than that this weekend was great, I worked on my After Effects homework of the skeleton getting hit by the car. We did not have any homework in web design because we turned in our projects last Thursday. Some projects were better than others but all around I think the class did a good job and there was a lot of potential in the class room for good web designers. I can not wait to start working in Dream Weaver again and actually getting our webpages up and running. I am also looking forward to making another Iphone application design like we did last semester, that was a great project and I had fun designing it. Well hopefully the UPS truck will arrive soon! Until next week!