Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Remaking a webpage

The webpage I will be working on is the Northeastern Illinois University, language learning labatory webpage.  The webpage has a hard to read links on the left hand side of the webpage so I will rewrite those in Fireworks.  There is also unused space at the bottom of the webpage so I will get rid of that.  The text also runs into the edge of the box they used so I will leave a space so the text is not so close to the wall.  The site is 

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Animation used for Ebay and Amazon

The animation for Ebay and Amazon was hard to find.  For Amazon I went to view, view source using the school's Mac computers and I could not find a animated gir or flash animation to save my life.  Amazon uses a flash animation which is an AD for bank for America.  Ebay did not have any form of animation because there was already enough happening on their page and there was zero animated advertisements like Amazon.  The Ad on Amazon does not continue continuously.  The viewer roles the window down for the dog and he sticks his head out the window.  The Ad is located near the bottom of the screen and i could barely notice it with all of the great products i could buy right in front of me.