Friday, October 30, 2009

blog about shopping web page

For my web shopping site I have designed a fake site that allows the viewer to shop like Ebay or Amazon. So far I have created three separate webpages. The first page shows top products, has a categories menu on the left hand side like most shopping sites. The second page shows a product, GTA 4 and has information about the product including about the game, screen shots, who made the game, price, and what type of game it is. The third page is an example of a sign on page that lets the person sign into their account or lets them create an account. Each page after they view an item will have similar products at the bottom of the screen that will give them options of other related products they might be interested in buying. I am designing a site that allows people to find what ever they are looking for directly at their fingertips.
To change the subject I also had a graphic design interview for an internship at Hitchcock and Fleming. Besides working on my shopping site I have been trying to land this internship, they said that if they can work around my next semester that I have a good chance of actually getting to work for them. This semester has been pretty busy and getting sick this week has really put a damper of trying to accomplish the things I want to do, like not missing class.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Web Design shopping site

As of now I have been working on my shopping webpage. I have been adding images of popular products on the homepage that the person can click to go to them. They can also use the navigation give at the top and left of the webpage. I also have edited my design for the logo at the top, i have added a shopping cart, and little icons that will allow the viewer to follow my website on myspace, facebook, twitter, etc. I thought using free sites for my advantage could not hurt. I have also designed a concept page that shows the layout of products on the website. The product I chose to show is grand theft auto 4. The person would click on the product and then be redirected to that page where they can read about the product, look at pictures with rollovers on the page, and check out related products. So far it has been a lot of work but I like the direction my webpage is heading in. I am also working on a sign in page that will allow the person to type in their e-mail address and password and view their shopping cart, products they might enjoy, and other ideas along these lines.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Designing a shopping site

For my fourth project I am designing a shopping site like Ebay or Amazon. I named my fake site because shopping is why they are using my site so i decided the easiest and most comprehensive site name would be what it is. The name is an easy name to remember and it is what it reads. I also have to keep the site layout similar to other shopping sites because so many people are use to the layout of Ebay or Amazon and other similar sites that they want the layout to be similar for function. I also kept the toolbars similar to the other sites, categories would be on the left and the search bar would be at the top for the person to write what they are looking for. The colors I used for the site are gray, black, and orange. Appealing colors that do not make you want to search another page. I enjoy using Ebay but the yellow they use on their site is functional and I know they use it because Ebay is suppose to be fun and exciting but I find the color to be off-putting and would rather see other colors used. So far I have decided a main page with categories on the left, a search bar at the top, and like other sites I have images I borrowed from Ebay to show popular products that mass consumers bought. I am still in the developing pages of this site and I am looking at other shopping sites to get ideas of how I can make mine better and more functional.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Project 4 Shopping Website

For my fourth project we are suppose to come up with concepts this friday about how we can design a site to sell a particular product. I do not have a particular product in mind but I would like to make a site that sells numerous products like Amazon or Ebay. Both sites serve a great function because they sell not just one product but numerous products. I am also torn about the style of layout I want to use for designing my interactive website that sells products. I was looking at and enjoyed the layout of their page. It was very clean and categorized well, I would like to design a site like that. I also am not sure how many pages we are suppose to make for an interactive website. Should we just make a homepage or should we go in depth and make numerous pages to show how the navigation will be used in the sites design and how a person will shop using the site. I will need to think deeply about this website because it involved a lot of elements with site design and using the concepts of web 2.o, more interactive websites. I will have to use images from other websites for all of the product categories that will be involved with a shopping site like Ebay or Amazon. Other then that I will have to come up with concept designs and a layout that will serve my purpose of a functioning website.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Blog about the due Hudson project

For my newest blog I will be discussing what I have been doing to turn in my project for the Hudson Library and Historical Society. At this moment I have made a power point presentation including images and key points about how I went about redesigning the Hudson website. I included pictures of the original website and my redesign of the website to show how I can make the website function better then the one they are currently using. I also took a picture of the Stow Munroe Falls Library website to compare indirect competitors of the Hudson Library and how they are easy accessible and user friendly. I have also been working in Microsoft word to write my proposal to the Hudson Library on how I can design a site that is easier to use and more functional. Another key point I write about is how congested the Hudson Website is and how negative space can serve a purpose to make it more visually appealing and easier to use. At the moment I am revising some of my pages to make them work and look as good as possible. I am going through each page and adding and subtracting things that could or could not be beneficial for my website. This project is very time consuming and I have ran into a lot of questions about how to make the best and easy to use functioning website.