Monday, November 23, 2009

My post before Thanksgiving.

This week is going to fly by because we have Thursday and Friday off for the upcoming holiday. I am still working on my iphone application and I am still going with the idea of making a art history dictionary. I have shown Anthony some preliminary sketches of my ideas and he seems to like them except I use black text and a white background, he said that they contrast too much and I should pick another color. I plan on keeping the text the same color but switching the background color to more of a gray color that is not hard to look at with the eyes. I am also coming up with designs of how the layout of the art will look and how the person using the app will be able to scroll through the different pieces. I enjoy this project and I can't wait to see what the rest of the class came up with, I am sure everyones will be great. Well I have nothing more to write at the moment so I am going to go back to work on my app and fix what I was writing about. Until my next blog!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Blog about my Iphone App

For todays blog I will be writing about the Iphone app I am designing in Photoshop. I am making multiple still images of an application for the Iphone that will allow the person to download an Art History Dictionary. The viewer will be able to select different time periods in art and then will be able to select if they want to read about the time period or if they want to see pictures of art related to that time period. There will be multiple pictures that the person can scroll through and click that will show a bigger picture, with text of who the artist was, time period, and origin of the work of art. The layout of the App will be different categories they could choose from or to use the "search artist" search tool at the bottom of the screen that will allow them to search for an artist or a specific time period. Some of my inspiration has come from an application for the Louvre in Paris, they have an application that lets the person read about the works of art or look at bigger pictures of the works. Mine will be different because I want to use more art then what they have in their museum, I want my App to be like a mobile Janson's art history book. This app will be very convenient for art students who would rather have an application on their phone then having the text, book. Maybe the person would want both and this would be a reference tool that they could check anywhere and not have to lug around a book.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


This week at school has been very busy, finals are coming before I know it and we still have to present are shopping web pages for class. I tried to put my shopping page on the school's server but my file was to large. Anthony told me that my fireworks files that I use for rollovers in my webpage is taking up too much space so we still have to figure out what I did wrong. The webpage still fully functional except I do not have it on the server, so at-least I can show the rest of the student my webpage and receive feedback. We still have not received are final project for web page design 2 which makes me a little nervous that we will not have enough time to finish the project. I am sure everything will work out and everyones shopping webpage this week will be great. I just feel like at the end of the semester we never have enough time to learn everything we want to learn. Well this is my blog for this week and I am sure I will have more to say next week.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Blog before Web Shopping Site is due

Today I am overlooking my webpage and trying to clean up any loose end I find in the design of my site. I am trying to make a convenient shopping website, as I have stated in previous blogs I am trying to combine the great features from other sites and make one great website that everyone will love because of how convenient it is to find any product imaginable. Designing a shopping site based on my own personal preferences is hard because everyone who uses this site will have their own preferences
of what they love about using these individual sites. That is why I researched the most popular sites
and worked on drawing parallels of why these sites work and why customers keep coming back
to use them. Questions I would ask myself is do they love the site for the layout? The many products
that the website offers to its customers? Do they like how safe it is to use with pay-pal and their secure
server? I asked myself these multiple questions and address them in my paper because there are so
many factors of why these sites work and why so many people are members to these sites.
I have not seen what the other kids in class of been working on but I can not wait to see how they addresss
the problems that I was faced with and what type of web shopping site they created for this project.
When we view everyones site on Monday November 9th it will be great to see everyones different layouts of what
they find to be convenient in a site, and what they included in their site that already established sites
are using. Well that is all I have to write about at the moment and my next blog will include which projects I like
the best and what makes them great.