Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Post before the Learned Owl Website is Due for Class

Here is my post before my redesign of the Learned Owl's website is due. It is due this thursday so I have been getting my power point presentation ready for class. It really frustrates me using Power Point sometimes because their presets for type fonts and background designs are hard to work with. I wanted to create a visually interesting background to compliment the redesign of the Learned Owl's website but I could not get any of the designs to compliment the design of the website. It was very frustrating! I also wanted to use a pre-made font to use as a header for the power point but I do not like the ones they have so I just kept it a basic black. Also right now at this very moment in time I am craving some Burger King and a 40 of High Life. Maybe a Rodeo Burger will be put on my things to do list.
Other then that I have put a lot of time in effort in the redesign of this website so I am hoping for a good grade and some positive feedback of the new design. I am also ready to start using Dream Weaver again to get some more experience and to finally figure out how to make the best rollovers using Fireworks and not having it create more picture than needed. Also I am ready for the sun to be shining in the sky. Well I have nothing more to write about, "Same bat time on the same bat channel!"

Monday, February 15, 2010

New Post for February.

Well this week has started off great because we do not have school on Tuesday for president's day and it gives me a little more time to work on my flip book for my After Effects class. I also will have more time to write my paper for the Learned Owl Website I am redesign for Web Design. This project has been a lot of fun to create a more functional website but the hardest part is trying to create great rollovers for a functional website. Also I have been investigating Adobe Fireworks to make rollovers without as many sub-pictures included in the folders that take up space. I have also been trying to plan a trip to the Akron Art Museum to go see the pattern exhibit they have going on. I like the artist Murakami and Kehind Wiley and I would enjoy seeing their work in person again. Last time I saw Murakami was in Brooklyn and I have not seen Wiley's work since I was in D.C. two years ago. Well that is all I have to write for this week. Oh wait I hope Howard Stern goes to American Idle because that would be hilarious. I do not watch the show now but I would if he came on!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Here is a new post for a new week.

Today is a new week. I am working on the Learned Owl's website for our first project. I am researching other book stores that the Learned Owl competes with to understand why people would use their website instead of the Learned Owl. The first thing I realized the Learned Owl website is missing is mass pictures of books for sale on their homepage. Websites for businesses like Borders Books and Barnes and Noble have pictures of books for sale right away on their website to get customers interested in the product they are shopping for. The Learned Owl's homepage has text and text links of book news which does not grab a person's attention in to getting them to shop at their website. These are the questions I am asking myself when redesigning the Learned Owl's website to try and make it a better and more functional website and to be able to compete with bigger book chains. Well I need to go back to working on the design of their new website and staying warm from all the snow outside.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Another Blog!

Today has been one week since I heard the visiting artist, Camille Utterback lecture to our class. Utterback a visual artist who uses computers instead of canvases to create wonderful works of art that people can interact with. I really enjoyed her lecture, she explained how she went ahead and started one of her works of art. It was also fascinating to see what she went to school for since she said she had such an interest in Biology, I was surprised to see her not go to school for that particular subject. But I am glad she did not because she creates great pieces, such as Text rain that allows the viewer to hold up letters with parts of their body. Art is great but when you bring to the next level to interact with it makes it even more personable and intriguing. One thing I would like to see Utterback explore is using the technology she created with her art and applying it to a video game, like Super Mario Brothers or Frogger. Last week was also interesting because we watched some of Anthony Samangy's independent movies, which were AWESOME! Other than that do not start a flight club in your class like the teacher in queens who started one with his 4th graders. Not a good idea. Wait until they are a little older. Here is a link to that site. Peace ! http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/teacher_was_kids_brawl_monitor_da_5eh6SUnTSM2Igj8gbSzCJP