Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My blog before finals and graduation

Here it is, my final blog for Web Design 2. I have been stressed out this week trying to get every project done for class and finals. I have been working hard on my title sequence for the After Effects class and my Operation board game for Flash. My Ipod application is almost done I just have a couple of more tweaks to do before I turn it in during finals week. I also went to the Polish Poster lecture in the Auditorium yesterday but I was late and there was barely anyone in there that they noticed me come in. I was surprised that there was not more kids there because it was one of our fellow students giving the lecture about such artists as Stasys Eidrigevicius. I assume that most kids were busy with finals and looking for jobs. Katherine the person who gave the lecture did a good job. Another thing is that I start my internship at Hitchcock Fleming and Associates in May and I am nervous. I hope that the University of Akron has prepared me enough to do a great job there. Well I have nothing more to write about and I have a lot to do still for finals. All I do know is I can not wait for May 8th because I will be walking at EJ Thomas for graduation.

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