Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Web 2 class, first blog.

For my blog concerning webpage two I wanted to write about everything we have been doing so far in class. So far we have looked over previous websites that needed considerable work and discussed ways on how to make the web site more aesthetically pleasing. We also discussed navigation use in a webpage. My site and others in the class also had to deal with making their website navigation more accessible to who might be viewing the page.

Another problem that a lot of the sites faced other then navigation is that there was so much information on some sites that scrolled on the side of the page would keep going on and on forever and the average person would get annoyed and sick of having to look for information. That is one thing that seems like a key to designing a page is making it easy to navigate and finding a way to capture the viewers’ attention.

Today August 31, 2009 we discussed the basic use of Dreamweaver and we were given a project that consists of designing a project about ourselves and actually putting it online so it can be used throughout the school year. I already am a little confused on what site I want to display my website because I have never done that before and I do not want to pay a site like

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