Friday, September 25, 2009

Hudson Library Visit

For my new blog I will talk about how we went to the Hudson Library to get a feel for what goes on at the library and we got to see the interior of the library. The library is a great library with different areas that are for different age brackets. Such as there is a children’s room with computers, multiple books, a reading room, etc. The website in no way gives me any indication that there was a room for small children or teens. We learned that teens could go to the library and study; they have multiple books, and a television where they can watch pg-13 movies. There is a coffee shop, an upstairs with more books and study areas that are for any age bracket. I was surprised that the Hudson Library was as nice as it is did not have a website showing what kind of facilities are offered to the public. So what I want to do is come up with an idea to interpret how great of a museum it is with all of their great amenities. The librarian who gave us a tour around the library said that they bought multiple copies of Dream Weaver to help create a better website but as for now their website is still the same, boring and not beneficial to the user, and using navigation that is not similar to searching for a needle in a haystack.

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