Wednesday, November 11, 2009


This week at school has been very busy, finals are coming before I know it and we still have to present are shopping web pages for class. I tried to put my shopping page on the school's server but my file was to large. Anthony told me that my fireworks files that I use for rollovers in my webpage is taking up too much space so we still have to figure out what I did wrong. The webpage still fully functional except I do not have it on the server, so at-least I can show the rest of the student my webpage and receive feedback. We still have not received are final project for web page design 2 which makes me a little nervous that we will not have enough time to finish the project. I am sure everything will work out and everyones shopping webpage this week will be great. I just feel like at the end of the semester we never have enough time to learn everything we want to learn. Well this is my blog for this week and I am sure I will have more to say next week.

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