Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Last post before final

This is my last post before the final, I have been working hard on my Iphone application. The application will be a functioning application that people can use to read about art history. Being in art school and having to take art history classes, an application that could serve the purpose of being able to check different art periods and actually being able to see the artwork. If fellow artists were engaged in conversation and they were fighting over a certain time period, the person could get their Iphone out, click the application and be able to settle the dispute. The application will also be great if they do not have their art history book near by they can easily check without having to get the book. This application is convenient and I wish I had an Iphone with this application to use. I really do not have anything else to write so I am going to waste up space by typing about nothing. I can not wait for school to be over, I have one more semester after this and then I graduate. Now I have to answer the question of what to do after graduation, should I go to graduate school or should I go get I a job. These are the questions I have to answer because I am graduating sooner then later. Also John Junior Gotti got out of going to jail, it was a mistrial so they let him off of racketeering charges. His family said he wanted to go to "Disney-Land" but he is not allowed to leave the New York area at the moment. His father was tried with racketeering and died in jail. Interesting shit!

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