Monday, January 25, 2010

3rd Blog of the Semester.

This week has started off great, I sold a painting over the weekend to one of my friends. I also worked on the homework for webpage design. I was given the Manidoo website to redesign and there was not enough information about the site to really redesign a working site because I had no idea what the point of the site was about. All I could do was make the site more functional for the person using it. I cleaned up the navigation and helped out the site with a better layout. With the working website they cram a lot of unneeded information and blogs all on the same page, they could have spread this to multiple pages so the person would not have to continue to scroll on and on and on.... Well the third week is about to start and this project is due tuesday, I hope everyone likes it.

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  1. That's interesting.. did you post what you ended up doing to the site? I'd be interested to see what you did to it.. it's so busy! lol