Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Post for a new semester.

Today is January 12th and I jut started my last semester at the University of Akron. I just had Web Design 2 for the second time and I really want to learn more about CSS, HTML, rollovers using DreamWeaver and how to organize my projects. Taking Web 2 again will be great because I am familiar with the subject matter and there are so many things to learn that I believe there should be a minor in Web Page design at the University of Akron. Other then that it is my first day back at the University of Akron Myers school of art and I can not wait to learn Flash, and After Affects. Also a great website I saw is called, www.primaryflight.com, a site dedicated to new artists. The site shows pictures of their work, blogs, and videos. Some artists include Shepard Farey and Ron English. This is a great site to see some creative talent. Also in New York City this week the improv group, Improv Everywhere scheduled a mass group of people to forget their pants and to ride the subway in their underwear. Only in New York do they get to have fun with their commute to work. Peace out!

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