Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Here is a new post for a new week.

Today is a new week. I am working on the Learned Owl's website for our first project. I am researching other book stores that the Learned Owl competes with to understand why people would use their website instead of the Learned Owl. The first thing I realized the Learned Owl website is missing is mass pictures of books for sale on their homepage. Websites for businesses like Borders Books and Barnes and Noble have pictures of books for sale right away on their website to get customers interested in the product they are shopping for. The Learned Owl's homepage has text and text links of book news which does not grab a person's attention in to getting them to shop at their website. These are the questions I am asking myself when redesigning the Learned Owl's website to try and make it a better and more functional website and to be able to compete with bigger book chains. Well I need to go back to working on the design of their new website and staying warm from all the snow outside.

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