Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Post before the Learned Owl Website is Due for Class

Here is my post before my redesign of the Learned Owl's website is due. It is due this thursday so I have been getting my power point presentation ready for class. It really frustrates me using Power Point sometimes because their presets for type fonts and background designs are hard to work with. I wanted to create a visually interesting background to compliment the redesign of the Learned Owl's website but I could not get any of the designs to compliment the design of the website. It was very frustrating! I also wanted to use a pre-made font to use as a header for the power point but I do not like the ones they have so I just kept it a basic black. Also right now at this very moment in time I am craving some Burger King and a 40 of High Life. Maybe a Rodeo Burger will be put on my things to do list.
Other then that I have put a lot of time in effort in the redesign of this website so I am hoping for a good grade and some positive feedback of the new design. I am also ready to start using Dream Weaver again to get some more experience and to finally figure out how to make the best rollovers using Fireworks and not having it create more picture than needed. Also I am ready for the sun to be shining in the sky. Well I have nothing more to write about, "Same bat time on the same bat channel!"

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