Monday, February 15, 2010

New Post for February.

Well this week has started off great because we do not have school on Tuesday for president's day and it gives me a little more time to work on my flip book for my After Effects class. I also will have more time to write my paper for the Learned Owl Website I am redesign for Web Design. This project has been a lot of fun to create a more functional website but the hardest part is trying to create great rollovers for a functional website. Also I have been investigating Adobe Fireworks to make rollovers without as many sub-pictures included in the folders that take up space. I have also been trying to plan a trip to the Akron Art Museum to go see the pattern exhibit they have going on. I like the artist Murakami and Kehind Wiley and I would enjoy seeing their work in person again. Last time I saw Murakami was in Brooklyn and I have not seen Wiley's work since I was in D.C. two years ago. Well that is all I have to write for this week. Oh wait I hope Howard Stern goes to American Idle because that would be hilarious. I do not watch the show now but I would if he came on!

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