Monday, March 1, 2010

new Post for March 1st.

Today is March 1st, before I know it I will already have graduated. This week I got the new Juxtapoz magazine and there are some articles on artists. One is about the Gentle Giant studios, they are a studio agency that does special effect work on movies like Star Wars. They make digital and tangible props for movies that are really impressive. Here is a link to their website -
Other than that this weekend was great, I worked on my After Effects homework of the skeleton getting hit by the car. We did not have any homework in web design because we turned in our projects last Thursday. Some projects were better than others but all around I think the class did a good job and there was a lot of potential in the class room for good web designers. I can not wait to start working in Dream Weaver again and actually getting our webpages up and running. I am also looking forward to making another Iphone application design like we did last semester, that was a great project and I had fun designing it. Well hopefully the UPS truck will arrive soon! Until next week!

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