Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Project 4 Shopping Website

For my fourth project we are suppose to come up with concepts this friday about how we can design a site to sell a particular product. I do not have a particular product in mind but I would like to make a site that sells numerous products like Amazon or Ebay. Both sites serve a great function because they sell not just one product but numerous products. I am also torn about the style of layout I want to use for designing my interactive website that sells products. I was looking at and enjoyed the layout of their page. It was very clean and categorized well, I would like to design a site like that. I also am not sure how many pages we are suppose to make for an interactive website. Should we just make a homepage or should we go in depth and make numerous pages to show how the navigation will be used in the sites design and how a person will shop using the site. I will need to think deeply about this website because it involved a lot of elements with site design and using the concepts of web 2.o, more interactive websites. I will have to use images from other websites for all of the product categories that will be involved with a shopping site like Ebay or Amazon. Other then that I will have to come up with concept designs and a layout that will serve my purpose of a functioning website.

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