Friday, October 30, 2009

blog about shopping web page

For my web shopping site I have designed a fake site that allows the viewer to shop like Ebay or Amazon. So far I have created three separate webpages. The first page shows top products, has a categories menu on the left hand side like most shopping sites. The second page shows a product, GTA 4 and has information about the product including about the game, screen shots, who made the game, price, and what type of game it is. The third page is an example of a sign on page that lets the person sign into their account or lets them create an account. Each page after they view an item will have similar products at the bottom of the screen that will give them options of other related products they might be interested in buying. I am designing a site that allows people to find what ever they are looking for directly at their fingertips.
To change the subject I also had a graphic design interview for an internship at Hitchcock and Fleming. Besides working on my shopping site I have been trying to land this internship, they said that if they can work around my next semester that I have a good chance of actually getting to work for them. This semester has been pretty busy and getting sick this week has really put a damper of trying to accomplish the things I want to do, like not missing class.

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