Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Designing a shopping site

For my fourth project I am designing a shopping site like Ebay or Amazon. I named my fake site because shopping is why they are using my site so i decided the easiest and most comprehensive site name would be what it is. The name is an easy name to remember and it is what it reads. I also have to keep the site layout similar to other shopping sites because so many people are use to the layout of Ebay or Amazon and other similar sites that they want the layout to be similar for function. I also kept the toolbars similar to the other sites, categories would be on the left and the search bar would be at the top for the person to write what they are looking for. The colors I used for the site are gray, black, and orange. Appealing colors that do not make you want to search another page. I enjoy using Ebay but the yellow they use on their site is functional and I know they use it because Ebay is suppose to be fun and exciting but I find the color to be off-putting and would rather see other colors used. So far I have decided a main page with categories on the left, a search bar at the top, and like other sites I have images I borrowed from Ebay to show popular products that mass consumers bought. I am still in the developing pages of this site and I am looking at other shopping sites to get ideas of how I can make mine better and more functional.

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